Workplace First Aid Training

Course Description

Comprehensive safety and health management includes a workplace first-aid program.  First Aid Training is a proactive initiative that empowers individuals with the confidence and competence to handle such situations swiftly and efficiently.


What You’ll Learn?

  • About the first-aid program for the Worksite
  • Specific OSHA standards that require CPR training in workplaces
  • About first-aid supplies
  • What issues should you consider when setting up an Automated external defibrillator program at a worksite?
  • What elements should be included in a workplace first-aid training program?

Course Completion Certification

After completing the Workplace First Aid Trainings course, participants will be awarded a certification of accomplishment.

Are First Aid Kits Required in the Workplace?

First aid kits may be required depending on large operations. Consider your workplace activities, employee matters, and risks to determine how many first-aid kits are needed. Companies must have well-stocked first-aid equipment and supplies in many locations to provide urgent first aid.

Benefits of First Aid Training in the Workplace

First aid training helps workers respond quickly to accidents and emergencies, improving safety. It decreases injury severity, and delays, and may save lives. It promotes a culture of preparedness and responsibility, resulting in a secure workplace.

AHC’s Workplace First Aid Training

Workplace first aid training offered by AHC is an online, convenient, and flexible way for employees to provide a safe and healthful workplace. Enroll in AHC‘s Workplace First Aid Training which is effective for your theoretical knowledge, hands-on practice, and certification.