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Discrimination Free Workplace Training to Assist Your Human Resources Obstacles

Workplace discrimination denies individuals opportunities and deprives societies of what those people can and should contribute. The process of eliminating discrimination starts by removing obstacles and ensuring equitable opportunities for training, education, as well as access to resources such as land and credit.

Users will be engaged by the AHC’s visually appealing and interactive courses, which will enhance their learning experience to the fullest. This educational training assists in preserving the secure and encouraging workplace that every business strives to achieve while assisting you in avoiding penalties and legal action. You can make your human resources division compliant right now.

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Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The EEODI Division of the HHS Office oversees and enforces adherence to federal laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines related to workplace discrimination against employees and job seekers.

Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Training for Employees

A successful harassment prevention strategy requires effective leadership, accountability, and harassment policies and complaint systems, but they can only be effective if employees are aware of them. All employees must receive regular, interactive, and thorough training to ensure their awareness of organizational rules, regulations, processes, and demands, as well as the consequences of violations.


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With our simple, user-friendly online platform, you can simply create an account, then add users and employees. You don't have to worry about keeping up with rules and regulations that are always changing since we do!

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By utilizing our integrated program that covers both HIPAA and OSHA compliance, you will gain knowledge on Bloodborne Pathogen Standards, appropriate labeling and storage methods, safety protocols, HIPAA regulations, security rules, and effective strategies for handling protected health information.

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