The Dementia Training for Assisted Living Facilities

Course Description

AHC's course "Dementia Training for Assisted Living Facilities" is carefully designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and abilities to identify and care for dementia patients. By exploring this course, participants will learn about dementia's stages and how to build supportive environments that prioritize dignity and quality of life.

Dementia training for assisted living facilities

What You’ll Learn?

  • About dementia and types of dementia
  • What effects does dementia have on the brain?
  • Signs and symptoms of dementia
  • How dementia is diagnosed and treated?
  • Fundamentals of dementia care for assisted living
  • Understanding and prevention strategies for dementia-related behavioral issues

Course Completion Certification

After course completion, you will receive a dementia training certificate of achievement.

How Dementia is Diagnosed and Treated?

Healthcare professionals can diagnose dementia by laboratory tests of blood and other fluids to check levels of various chemicals, hormones, and vitamins. This course will explore the diagnostic process for dementia, including medical tests. Participants will learn about dementia prevention as well as treatment and care to improve patient's quality of life.

How to Cure Dementia Naturally?

Curing dementia naturally is difficult, but there are options for a holistic approach to dementia care. Holistic and potentially effective dementia treatments may include mindfulness practices, a healthy diet, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, regular exercise, and mental stimulation. Mentions natural dementia care treatments may not cure dementia, but they can improve quality of life and well-being.

AHC's Dementia Training

AHC's "Dementia Training for Assisted Living Facilities" is a completely online course. Participants can do this training at any time, and anywhere. To ensure participants understand the concept, this course includes a video, final assessment, and sorting activity.