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AHC's expert solutions make OSHA compliance simple!

OSHA Compliance is Made Easy with Expert Solutions from AHC

Maintaining OSHA compliance is difficult and time-consuming, but hospitals and clinics cannot afford to ignore or skip this time-consuming duty. On the other hand, American Healthcare Compliance (AHC)'s online OSHA courses make it simple and affordable to train and certified your healthcare employees. Employers are obligated by law to ensure that their employees have the training and qualifications necessary for their positions. Understanding the applicable OSHA regulations can be difficult, particularly in the medical field. A lot of OSHA regulations are directly applicable to healthcare facilities.

The OSHA was established to ensure that both male and female workers are safeguarded from potential hazards in the workplace. It gives the power to enforce specific rules that have been set to keep workers safe. It supports and encourages states in their endeavors to maintain safe and healthy working by offering resources for work-related health and safety research, information distribution, instruction, and training.


We Provide Compliance Services for a Variety of Healthcare Providers.

We provide compliance solutions for a wide range of healthcare providers. We offer online and on-site approval for a variety of healthcare organizations and service providers, including clinics, private medical practices, long-term care institutions, and healthcare and oral faculties.


Dental Offices

Surgical Center


Private Medical Practices

EMTs and First Responders

Long-Term Care Facilities


Time is Money

Don't squander your time! Our simple online training is available 24 hours, seven days a week, allowing you to train employees when and how you want.


Spend Less Money

There is no need to hire in-house compliance personnel! Our low-cost online packages assist your company in avoiding OSHA and HIPAA violations and financial penalties.


Avoid Problems

With our simple, user-friendly online platform, you can simply create an account, then add users and employees. You don't have to worry about keeping up with rules and regulations that are always changing since we do!

Our Online Training Make Learning Interesting and Simple.

Ensure the ongoing safety and compliance of your medical facility with AHC's OSHA courses and resources. Our training packages offer the following key features:

No more endless and inconvenient training sessions. Your staff members can now take OSHA compliance courses at their preferred speed, while you effortlessly monitor and manage their progress. With 24-hour access to our online platform and a comprehensive range of compliance resources, your facility will have unlimited availability of all the necessary OSHA compliance materials and documentation for everyday office use.Plus, ensure secure access with our must safety login feature.

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By utilizing our integrated program that covers both HIPAA and OSHA Healthcare compliance, you will gain knowledge on Bloodborne Pathogen Standards, appropriate labeling and storage methods, safety protocols, HIPAA regulations, security rules, and effective strategies for handling protected health information.

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