Infection Control Compliance Training for Healthcare Professionals 2024

Course Description

Healthcare professionals need infection prevention training to avoid infection. Germs enter and grow in the body, producing infections. The Infection Control Compliance Training for Healthcare Professionals teaches HCPs how to protect themselves and others and prevent infectious disease spread.


What You’ll Learn?

  • How do infections spread?
  • About OSHA standards for bloodborne pathogens
  • About types of COVID-19 vaccine and dosage
  • What are the five types of controlling exposure?
  • What is influenza and how does the flu virus spread?
  • About managing work-related injuries and illnesses

Infection Control Training Certificate

Upon course completion, the participants will receive a certificate of achievement.

Role of Infection Control Compliance (ICC)

Infections Control Compliance (ICC) maintains standards, guidelines, and practices to prevent infectious diseases from spreading in healthcare and communities. ICC promotes hand washing, surface cleaning, PPE use, and vaccination to prevent illnesses. Healthcare workers and individuals can prevent disease transmission, protect vulnerable populations, and improve public health by following the ICC.

Infection Control Compliance Training

Healthcare workers are the first line of defense against healthcare-associated illnesses (HAIs). This is why healthcare professionals are at the forefront of efforts to stop the spread of germs in healthcare settings. Infection Control Compliance Training equips healthcare professionals with all the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and protect infections within the workplace. This training is required for doctors, dentists, practicing nurses, medical trainees, and others.

AHC's Infection Control Compliance Training for HCP 2024

AHC offers online Infection Control Compliance Training for Healthcare Professionals 2024. Modern technology makes online infections control courses more interactive. To ensure participants understand the concepts, this course includes a video, final assessment, and sorting activity.