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Simplify HIPAA Compliance with Interactive Courses

Our interactive and visually appealing courses will keep users interested and help them maximize their learning opportunities. Our HIPAA and OSHA courses help maintain smooth operations and prevent penalties and violations.

Explore Our Comprehensive HIPAA Role-based Library

Are you interested in learning more? The courses provided below are examples of the offerings in our HIPAA Role-based Library, which has department-specific modules that adhere to national and local standards.


OSHA Compliance

Complete training to ensure that OSHA regulations are followed throughout your entire office.


HIPAA Compliance

Make sure your patient's information is secure and protected.


Violence in the Workplace

Proactively train your staff to meet the rising requirements for workplace violence based on state legislation.

Overview of HIPAA's Privacy and Security

Our learning management platform offers a comprehensive overview of privacy and security laws and advice on keeping you and your business safe from expensive security breaches like ransomware — this will also guarantee that each department's workers are qualified and certified.

Department-Specific Modules

Medical Records

Hospital medical records, staff-specific post-test evaluation, simplified practice scenarios, and lessons on HIPAA medical records.


Lessons on HIPAA for Hospital Nurses with simplified scenarios for practice and post-test evaluation.

Front Office

Lessons on patient data protection – specified for healthcare personnel under HIPAA.

Medical Technician

Lessons on HIPAA for Practice Medical Technicians and a few short practice scenarios.

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