FWA Compliance Services

Education on Medicare & Medicaid Services Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA)

Streamlined FWA Training and Certification Process for Healthcare Professionals

Medicare and Medicaid Training is Simple!

American Healthcare Compliance has created a simplified system to make training and certification as easy and stress-free as possible. Those in the healthcare industry must have completed the CMS Compliance Program to provide services and submit claims. If this is not done, it may result in high penalties.


Our online platform at American Healthcare Compliance offers simple and efficient solutions to ensure compliance with OSHA and HIPAA requirements for urgent care centers. With our dynamic LMS, you can easily train your staff, streamline operations, and manage your facilities effectively.

Preventing Fines and Other Penalties

Better Billing and Coding Training

Improved Patient and Employee Loyalty

Improved Service Performance


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American Healthcare Compliance (AHC) simplifies the complex process of healthcare compliance, making it easier and more affordable. Our goal is to provide HR training solutions and OSHA and HIPAA compliance services to motivate and empower healthcare organizations to reach their full potential.