Cyber Security Training for Healthcare Professionals

Course Description

The Cyber Security Training for Healthcare Professionals course teaches healthcare professionals and managers how to follow the rules of the HIPAA. It explains the rules that protect patient information from hacked and shows how to prevent cyber-attacks in healthcare.


What You’ll Learn?

  • About cybersecurity and medical device protection.
  • About preventing and recovering from ransomware attacks.
  • What is HIPAA and what is a covered entity?
  • What are some ways to detect if a computer system has been infected by ransomware?
  • About security incident response.
  • Understanding of HIPAA regulations.

Cybersecurity in Healthcare Certification

Upon the Cyber Security Training for Healthcare Professionals course completion, you will receive a certification of achievements.

Introduction to HIPAA

Congress passed HIPAA in 1996 to protect patient health information. It requires the patient's permission to share sensitive health information. To protect patient data, healthcare professionals must understand HIPAA, if HIPAA is not followed it can result in serious legal penalties. To prevent these issues, you need to know HIPAA law, which this course provides.

HIPAA Regulations and Cybersecurity Breaches

Health information is at risk from data breaches. HIPAA mandates organizations to inform the government of data breaches. Always encrypt electronic protected health information. The Office of Civil Rights investigates HIPAA data breaches. This course teaches employees how to secure information to reduce breaches.

AHC’s Cybersecurity Training for Healthcare Professionals

This healthcare cyber security training is a completely online course. Employees can do this training at any time, and anywhere. Comfortable learning environments help employees get information.

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