Controlled Substances Compliance Training for Healthcare Professionals

Course Description

Controlled substances must be handled legally and responsibly in healthcare today. Controlled Substances Compliance Training for Healthcare Professionals teaches workers how to prescribe, distribute, and handle controlled substances. You will learn about the ethical, and legal, issues surrounding illegal substances in healthcare settings.

Controlled Substances Compliance Training for Healthcare Professionals-min

What You’ll Learn?

  • About the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and drug scheduling
  • About the role of the Drug Enforcement Administration
  • When prescribing a controlled substance?
  • About prevention of drug diversion
  • How to dispose of medicines properly?

Course Completion Certification

Upon completing this course, participants will receive a valuable certification in controlled substance compliance.

Importance of Controlled Substance Training

The government manages controlled substances because they influence public health and the risk of abuse and addiction. The U.S. Controlled Substances Act classifies them by danger and medical utility into schedules. Healthcare professionals must follow specific guidelines while prescribing, dispensing, and managing these drugs to prevent overuse and diversion.

Controlled Substances Compliance Training

Controlling substances remains critically important today. Substance abuse poses significant health, social, and economic challenges. To reduce the harms of addiction, overdose, and other connected problems, it is important to learn good, controlled substance training. AHC’s Controlled Substance course is completely online. Employees can do this training at any time, and anywhere.

Who Should Attend?

Controlled substance course is essential for a wide range of healthcare professionals, including Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners, Healthcare Administrators, etc.

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